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Quality control

Quality Control

Measurements of details as part of the quality control

Performed in the metal processing plant ALEM metalworking services are subject to inter-operational and final control. We do this by checking and measuring the specific characteristics of the product, which we compare the required characteristics. We have the ability to measure any requirement, contained in the technical conditions of product performance. Our quality department has conventional measuring tools (calipers, micrometers, bore hole gauge, gauge blocks, etc.) and advanced numerical control equipment. Owned by us 3D coordinate measuring machine Wenzel LH-108 performs measurements of geometric product, scanning (such as surface roughness) and all measurements in the field of reverse engineering. Portal coordinate measuring machine (CMM) LH-108 is highly minimized the uncertainty of measurement, which puts it in the forefront of the most accurate current measurement devices.

Measurements of detail as a Service

Professional services using the portal measuring machine Wenzel LH-108 is also an element of our offer. The results of these measurements are given to client in the form of a specially prepared measurement protocol.

    Realized measurements

  • Measurements deviations
  • Parameters characterizing surfaces, including deviations of the shape, position, surface roughness, directionality
  • Hardness
  • Comparative analysis of the 3D computer model of the real product