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Information about "cookies"

Cookies are the data in the form of small text files stored on your servers end user (computer, tablet, smartphone etc.) to allow for the proper display of the content you are viewing a web page. These data can be read by the server each time you visit the site. Our portal in order to ensure full functionality uses cookies, but does not use cookies or any similar effect to the acquisition of technology or store personal data about users of our site.

Objectives of cookies

  • Adapt website content to the user preferences and to optimize its operation.
  • Traffic analysis in order to improve the structure and content of the service or test the effect of marketing. Maintain the session 's website (after logging in ), so the user does not have on every page of site re- enter your login and password ->

Types of cookies

In terms of duration

  • Temporary cookies (session) - remain on the user's device only until the end of the session or until you close your browser or log out of the service and then deleted.
  • Permanent cookies - remain on the user's device at the end of the session, for a specified period or indefinitely, or until User remove them.

In terms of functionality

  • Cookies required - files absolutely necessary for the proper and full functionality of the site.
  • Functional cookies - you can save the settings chosen by the user and customize the interface (for example, language or region selection, the term web design options etc.).
  • Cookies used to ensure safety, such as the detection of abuse in the service.
  • Cookies used to collect information about website traffic.
  • Advertising cookies - allowing users to provide advertising content better suited to their interests.

Resignation of cookies

By default web browsers usually allow you to store cookies on end devices, leave this option unchanged is tantamount to consent to the use of cookies. However, users can independently control the cookies by using the software which are using. More informations and instructions how to off cookies should be placed in the 'Help' section of internet browser. Restricting the use of cookies may affect the proper operation of the website , it can also result in difficulties or absolute inability to access certain services and functions, however, should not lead to a lack of access to content on the site, except those that require a login.

Additional Information

  • Some cookies from the user terminal equipment can be used by advertisers or partners whose services we use, for example - to analyze traffic to our website.
  • Depending on the current tasks, options and modification time service, not all of the contents in the above types of cookies must be currently used by our service just as not all of the described purposes must be currently realized.