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About us

Metal Works ALEM

Metal Works ALEM

Metal Works ALEM was established in 2000, realizing idea of building a factory, which could create high quality metal products. Since the beginning the main lines of action were precise machining and welding metals. Headquarters, as well as production are located in Trzebiatow, Kołobrzeska street 19. The plant currently employs about 30 employees, among which there are specialists in fields such as machining, welding, machine designing, technology of production. Experienced and constantly improving his skills staff guarantees high quality products and services. In addition, the acquisition of EU funds enables us to continuously upgrade and development of the plant. All of these factors makes ALEM a company which is known and major in the metal industry, successfully conquering new markets in the European Union.

Manufacturer of metal products

Range of ALEM products includes parts of machines, tooling (eg molds, dies, punches), as well as components and welded constructions (from bathroom fixtures to stairs, railings, roofing, etc.). Orders are executed basing on the documentation provided by the customer or prepared by our technology department. Mostly we realize orders in the medium (100 to 1000) or large (over 5,000 pieces) batches, in specific orders also piece production. Through cooperative partnership we are able to cover manufactured parts by galvanic coatings or varnish. We offer installation and maintenance services produced construction, provide transportation within the country and abroad.

    Methods of metalworking

  • Machining and EDM (electrical discharge machining)
  • MIG, MAG, TIG welding
  • Heat treatment

    Machined materials

  • Steel (including stainless, structural, special steel)
  • Non-ferrous metals (including aluminum, brass, copper)
  • Plastics, polymers


ALEM is working with companies with very different profiles, from local to international, worldwide known brand. Our customers operates in a wide range of industries, including: automotive, hydraulics, bathroom fittings and construction. Precision of machining, timely orders realisation, extensive manufacturing capabilities and own transport are our advantages. For this reasons, we’re are appreciated by customers in all Europe.

Marketing materials

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