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Electrical discharge machining, EDM


Electro plunge, wire, electrical discharge drilling

Electrical discharge machining is a kind of high-tech, precise machining process. This process is based on electro induction reaction between two electrodes, which one of it's a tool and the second it's a workpiece. Due to the high temperatures (6000-50000 ° C) and the electric field the particle ejection of the workpiece, which gives it the required shape. In our machine park we have a device by which we can offer services based on several EDM methods.

We offer the following services of EDM

  • Plunge EDM
  • Wire EDM, wire cutting
  • Drilling EDM

Electrical discharge machining is used in situations where the parameters of the product obtained by simpler methods of machining are insufficient. Due to the characteristics of the process, it performs the details of the complex, difficult structure and requiring high precision. Each of above EDM method is used in processes requiring a different type of operation. The ability to use all three types gives us a very wide capabilities for using electrical discharge machining.