Experts in cnc machining and electrical discharge machining.

We have several years of experience in the processing of metal.
Constantly expanding the range and capacity of production we effectively gain new markets across all Europe.

  • ALEM

    • Innovative design methods
    • Profesional machinery park
    • Advanced quality control


    • Milling
    • Turning
    • Drilling
    • Grinding


    • Plunge EDM
    • Wire EDM (wire cutting)
    • EDM Drilling


    • Designing
    • Production
    • Transport
    • Service


Transport of products in all range of Europe

We provide transportation of products made by us across the Poland and Europe. We have our own transport in the form of commercial vehicles, but also we use other kinds of transport.

    Proposed types of transport

  • Using your own transport facilities
  • In cooperation with reputable and reliable transport companies
  • Using the most reliable courier services

Depending on factors such as the number, weight and size of products and destination of transport we chose the optimal option. Thanks to our own cars and cooperation only with reliable transport companies, we are able to ensure timely and most cost-effective delivery of our products.

Quality, timeliness and experience in metalworking.

Metal Works ALEM is a family company with Polish capital, continuously functioning since 2000. Our business core is CNC machining and electrical discharge machining. We manufacture metal products in a wide range of offering a wide variety of serial production of metal parts and tooling service involving the production or regeneration of special tools for workshops. We work with domestic and foreign companies operating in industries like hydraulics, automotive, offshore, construction, bathroom accessories, furniture industry and automation. We work with all types of metals, steel, non-ferrous metals, cemented carbides and plastics.